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The dynamic development of our company has allowed us to invest in the latest machinery, provide up-to-date technologies and solutions that translate into a quality service for our clients.

We accept and approximately 165000 tons of waste annually with the majority, up to 96% sorted, processed and recycled.

We process:

Wood code 17-02-01
Hardcore code 17-01-07
Soil code 19-12-12
Scrap metal code 17-04-07
Paper/cardboard code 20-01-01
Gypsum Materials code 17-08-02
Garden waste code 20-02-01
Plastic code 17-02-03

Our main waste processing site is located in Civic Way, Ruislip where we have our own transfer station and where we process soil, construction waste, scrap metal, garden waste and Gypsum Materials.

Wood, plastic, paper and cardboard are subject to different processes and these are transported to our other site in Greenford to be processed there.

Wood (17-02-01)

After being sorted in Ruislip and transferred to Greenford, it is shredded into biomass and supplied to companies manufacturing furniture or to power plants as biomass fuel.

Hardcore 17-01-07

After initial sorting, it is stored in Ruislip in a designated bay where it can then be reused in the construction industry.

Soil (19-12-12)

After being sorted it is stored in Ruislip in a designated bay and then provided as inert landfill.  To avoid environmental pollution, we regularly check the soil chemical composition by sending samples for chemical tests

Scrap metal (17-04-07)

There are many types of scrap metal, e.g. aluminium, iron and steel, copper, bronze and brass, lead and tin.  All are subject to sorting and then sold to companies who buy scrap metal.

Paper/cardboard (20-01-01)

After being sorted in Ruislip and transferred to Greenford, paper and cardboard are subject to pressing and baling and then sold to companies who buy paper and cardboard.

Gypsum Materials (17-08-02)

Due to their composition and impact on the environment are separated and stored in a special bay in Ruislip. We send them to companies that specialise in this type of waste.

Garden waste (20-02-01)

We sort, process and store it in Ruislip, it is then sent to companies which use it for other compost.

Plastic (17-02-03)

After being sorted in Ruislip and transferred to Greenford it is processed and pressed and then sold to other recycling companies.

We guarantee that all your waste is sorted and removed legally.  We can provide waste management reports which confirm how much and what type of waste was delivered, sorted and recycled.

Before you start loading your skip or container – please remember that the following waste is not accepted.  If in any doubt, please contact our team for advice.

  • Batteries
  • Oils and paints
  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals and solvents
  • Electric devices
  • Tyres
  • Gas containers
  • Clinical waste
  • Fridges

We are professionally prepared for all waste sorting activities and other tasks aimed at the proper and legal removal of waste products from the environment.

You can always be sure that your waste is sorted, processed and recycled in accordance with Environmental Protection Regulations.