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Affordable Skip-Hire Greenford 

Have you tried finding an efficient skip-hire service with no luck? Want to hire a skip but don't know how to get a skip hire permit? Looking for a professional, quick, and affordable waste disposal team to help you clean up commercial or domestic properties?

Our services here at B&K excel in all of these and more. Whether it is waste removal or an 8-yard skip hire, just get in touch and we'll take care of the rest. Thanks to our cost-effective approach, same-day service, and waste management expertise, we provide exceptional services to both Greenford residents and businesses. 

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B&K Commercial And Domestic Rubbish Collection Greenford

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Competent, Reliable Skip Hire Services in Greenford

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B&K is a premier skip hire company in London and offers a slew of waste management and removal services to businesses, homes, and commercial establishments in Greenford. Clients in Greenford and other locations in and around London trust us to deliver one-of-a-kind services:

  • Affordable: cheap skip-hire services have been one of the key missions of our company since its inception, and we can safely say we provide some of the best skip-hire prices not only in London but in the entirety of England as well. If you're looking for a leading skip-hire company without breaking the bank, B&K is the right choice. 
  • Flexible: B&K services are extremely flexible. We offer a number of skip hire sizes, options to deliver waste to a landfill or an environmental agency, the ability for the client to set the date, time, and location of the waste removal, and much more. Whatever you need and however you need it, you can rely on B&K to get the job done. 
  • In Greenford and Anywhere in London: Not only do we offer the best prices and quality services, but we also serve clients anywhere in Greater London. Greenford residents should rest assured that they'll receive the same service and will pay the same affordable prices as other localities and boroughs.  
  • Comprehensive: Regardless of your skip hire requirements, our comprehensive, dedicated skip hire services will be up to the task. Whether it is an 8-yard or 16-yard skip size, it is getting permits from local authorities, or it is a dedicated team to remove waste, B&K can do it! This makes us an excellent one-stop shop for everything skip-hire in Greenford. 

 If these sound good to you, contact us now and let's take care of your waste management needs!

Skip Hire Greenford: The Materials We Don't Handle 

Electrical Equipment and Appliances

There are a number of laws and regulations that prevent certain electrical equipment and appliances from being handled through skip-hire services B&K provides. Ideally, these need to be taken to specialised recycling plants that will minimize their environmental footprint.

Large Batteries

Batteries are made from dangerous, environmentally harmful, and highly reactive chemicals, which means that not only do they require specialised handling, but they can be dangerous if removed through skip hire in Greenford services. This is why we don't handle them here at B&K. 

Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders, even if empty, are risky and combustible, making them unsuitable for handling through skip hire in Greenford services. There are designated locations that help get rid of and refill gas cylinders that are equipped to handle them. 

Medical Waste

Due to pointy edges and contamination, medical waste is usually a risk hazard that needs to be handled with extreme care, which is why there are regulations preventing skip-hire services from handling them. 


Asbestos was widespread as a building material in the past but fell out of use due to its toxic properties. In large quantities, asbestos presents a serious health risk, which is why our skip hire in Greenford Services has opted out of handling the material.


Tyres are made from rubber, which is environmentally taxing and requires special processes to dispose of. This is why skip hire services aren't suitable for tyre removals. Instead, scrap yards and tyre graveyards that reuse and recycle the tyres should be used.

Fuel, Solvents, and Paints

Paints, solvents, and fuel items are examples of a number of highly dangerous materials that can't be removed through Greenford skip-hire services. Whether it is due to their flammability or health risks, different approaches need to be taken. If you have any questions regarding what we handle here at B&K through our skip hire in Greenford, you should get in touch. We'll be happy to discuss your skip-hire requirements and come up with an appropriate solution.

Guide to Skip Sizes Offered by Our Skip Hire in Greenford Service 


Though not a mini skip, our excellent 8-yard skips are compact enough to fit on most properties, and they provide ample space for waste, making them suitable for light commercial and construction work.


Building waste on your property is a problem? Say goodbye to all waste-related issues with our 12-yard skips. A popular skip size, the 12-yard skip strikes an excellent balance between spaciousness and size, making it flexible and useful in a variety of circumstances.


The biggest skip size we offer, unlike small skips, the 16-yard one is capable of handling large amounts of waste. If you are worried you'll fill out one of our smaller skip sizes too quickly, then the 16-yard skip is perfect for you!

Duration, Permits, and Same-Day Delivery: Everything You Need to Know About Our Greenford Skip Hire Service

At B&K, we offer a number of key skip-hire services to Greenford residents that ensure we truly go above and beyond to keep our clients satisfied:

  • Same-day delivery: Our services are highly reliable, and not only do we offer same-day/next-day services, but we also offer to deliver the skips straight to your location. If you are looking for Greenford skips, you just need to give us a call and we'll take care of the rest. 
  • Skip hire permits: If the skips need to be on council/public land, permits are required, but not to worry. B&K will talk to local authorities to ensure you have the permits you need. 
  • Flexible rental terms: Though we offer 2-week rentals as a baseline, it can be easily extended. Our services are flexible and we strive to satisfy all of our clients' needs. 

About Greenford

A large town in West London, Greenford not only acts as an industrial and commercial hub for several towns and villages nearby but it is also considered the birthplace of the organic chemical industry, which is a testimony to its long history as a manufacturing location.

Whether it is residential or commercial needs, if you're looking for affordable skip hire in Greenford, you should get in touch with us here at B&K.