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The removal of asbestos is a delicate job, and if it is not handled correctly, it can lead to a lot of damage not just to buildings and structures but, more importantly, to yourself and other people.

Asbestos is a group of six naturally occurring fibrous minerals that are composed of microscopic soft and flexible needle-like fibres that are resistant to heat, corrosion, and electricity.

However, they pose little risk in buildings are still intact – it is only when these materials are damaged or disturbed that the tiny asbestos fibres can be breather through the air into your lungs. The symptoms of asbestos-related diseases take many years, perhaps even decades, to appear after the initial exposure to asbestos, so if someone was exposed to asbestos a long time ago, it might only be showing up as a disease today. If someone inhales or ingests asbestos dust, some of the mineral fibres can become trapped in the body and but as a result, it is banned in many countries because exposure to it can cause several cancers and diseases. However, it is now banned in the UK.

The people who are the most at risk are those who are usually in the building trade and therefore include carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, and decorators. If you need asbestos removed, much of its removal will require a licensed contractor and who holds an HSE licence, and who is responsible for the carrying out of any work that is needed for the removal of it. Risk assessments are likely to be carried out on all work that is likely to disturb asbestos – these assessments must be carried out before the work begins and the correct precautions put in place as a result. Not all maintenance work needs to be carried out by someone with a licence as long as there are appropriate controls in place.

Asbestos Fighters can carry out all the work for you from risk assessment to the removal and asbestos disposal. The asbestos Fighters team will visit your property and will make asbestos removal proposals. They offer free estimates and map out a work schedule to fit around your lifestyle. They are fully licenced and approved, with comprehensive insurance and are the real experts when it comes to asbestos removals from garages to rooftops!


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