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B&K's Waste Management and Skip Hire in Hammersmith

Excellent waste management and skip hire in your local area: B&K's services in Hammersmith are unmatched in quality and price. Take full advantage of our same-day services, heavy waste collection, professional staff, and excellent skip-hire terms in Hammersmith and say goodbye to your waste disposal problems.

Whether it is a garden clearance, building waste, or commercial entities, our flexible, reliable, professional skip hire in Hammersmith is the answer. Get in touch now!

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Skip Hire Hammersmith Services You Can't Do Without

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B&K is committed to providing an exceptional service to Hammersmith and other localities in and around London. Our services are comprehensive, flexible, and reliable, and you can rely on us for waste removal, skip hire, and much more.

If you're a construction company that needs a regular waste removal partner, if you are a homeowner looking for reliable same-day service, if you are an environmentally conscious client looking for responsible disposal, or if you are looking for the best skip hire services in Hammersmith, B&K is the right choice.

And when it comes to skip hire, regardless of the skip size you want, B&K is capable of fulfilling all your requirements at the best prices. Our skip hire company offers multiple skip sizes, helps you acquire permits, and will deliver the skips right to your door. Just contact us and we'll handle it from there.

Hammersmith Skip Hire: List of Materials We Don't Handle

Electrical Equipment and Appliances

Due to laws and regulations, certain appliances can't be gotten rid of through skip-hire services, rather, they need to be sent to specialised plants that can recycle and process them. That's why we don't handle them through B&K skip hire in Hammersmith services.

Large Batteries

Batteries are highly dangerous and reactive, and without proper care, they might cause health issues, fires, or other damages, as such, they are not suitable for handling through a skip-hire service. There are specific services that handle them.

Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders are notoriously difficult to remove due to the dangers associated with them. That's why there are strict regulations regarding their handling and removal. Specialised locations are created to handle, refill, and recycle gas cylinders.

Medical Waste

Whether it is pointy objects or contamination, medical waste is generally not suitable for skip-hire waste management. Our teams at B&K are not equipped to handle medical waste due to health concerns, specialised teams with specific equipment are needed for their removal.


Asbestos is a dangerous material that has been linked to increases in cancer rates if not handled properly. Due to concerns for the safety of our workers and the quality of our work, we don't handle large quantities of asbestos through our skip hire in Hammersmith services.


Tyres have long had specific plants they need to be relocated to due to their impact on the environment. They can't be handled through skip-hire services.

Fuel, Solvents, and Paints

Fuel, solvents, and paints are examples of dangerous chemicals we can't handle through skip-hire services. Don't worry however, we still provide the best skip hire in Hammersmith, and if you are confused about whether or not we can handle your project, you can give us a call. We are capable of handling a variety of skip-hire requirements, and we're confident we can find a solution to your waste-related problems.

Skip Sizes We Offer at B&K


If you are looking for affordable skip hire, you can't go wrong with our 8-yard skips. Thanks to their compact size, they are flexible, can fit on a variety of premises, and answer your waste management needs whether it is domestic construction or light commercial work. And thanks to our same day service, we can deliver it to the premises in a fast, efficient manner.


With a capacity to carry a maximum of 8 tonnes of waste, you can say goodbye to all your waste-related problems with our excellent 12-yard skip. These skips strike a decent balance between size and practicality, making them perfect for a variety of projects, both commercial and individual. If you are looking for great skip-hire prices without compromising on size, check out our 12-yard skips.


The biggest skip size we offer at B&K, you'll never struggle with space for your waste if you go with our 16-yard skips. Whether it is large house clearances or substantial commercial activities, the 16-yard skip is up to the task. And as we'll personally help you get a skip hire permit if you need to install it on public land, you'll never have to worry about space.

Cheap Skip Hire in Hammersmith

B&K offers comprehensive, affordable, and flexible skip-hire services to the residents of Hammersmith. Whether it is same-day service, skip size options, helping with a skip hire permit or flexible rental periods, B&K offers all these and much more.

Not many skip-hire Hammersmith services cover the entire area, provide excellent, timely removals, and offer flexible skip-hires with delivery, and none certainly does it at the price points we offer. If you want both reliability and affordability, you can't go wrong with our services here at B&K.

About Hammersmith

A district of West London, Hammersmith is a mere 4.3 miles away from the Centre of London. Home to the famous Hammersmith Broadway and 2 underground stations, Hammersmith acts as a transportation hub in West London, and with this comes a variety of commercial and industrial activities, making the district an important economic district of the city.

Whether it is residential or business needs, if you're looking for skip hire in Hammersmith, there's no one better for the job than B&K. Affordable, reliable, fast, flexible, and professional: Our teams are adept in providing excellent waste management and skip hire services. Get in touch now!