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B&K Skip Hire Ruislip

When you need to sort out and arrange a local skip hire in Ruislip, it represents an excellent and efficient way of responsibly disposing of your domestic waste. Whether it's construction and demolition or a home DIY project, a skip hire in Ruislip can help. Our rubbish collection team can help you sort all materials you bring to our dedicated plants, separating recyclables and using the residual waste to provide renewable energy, all part of our skip hire services in Ruislip.

We offer our skip hire services in Ruislip to companies looking to get rid of construction waste, as we have a large fleet that is fully capable of taking care of your disposal and skip hire requirements, including all necessary professional documentation.

If you need an 8yd skip in Ruislip, our team can place that on your street, but you should always check if you need a skip hire permit, as there are different rules in each neighbourhood. As an experienced skip hire company in Ruislip, we can help with permits as well as all skip hires, delivering what you need for your individual requirements.

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B&K Commercial And Domestic Rubbish Collection Ruislip

When it comes to rubbish removal and rubbish collection, Ruislip customers know we are the company to call and the team they can rely on.

Whenever you require domestic rubbish removal in Ruislip, our costs and services are focused on customer satisfaction, and our trusted team or rubbish removal professionals offer affordable and efficient service, every time, whether it is rubbish removal or skip hire.

When you use our rubbish removal and rubbish collection team in Ruislip, you can forget about stress as we provide the safest, most reliable, and cheapest rubbish removal service in Ruislip, so contact us today for whatever rubbish removal you may need.

Some Things You Need To Know
About Skip Hire Ruislip

Electrical Equipment and Appliances

If you need a local skip hire in Ruislip, it is important to know that the disposal of electrical equipment and appliances including computers, dishwashers, televisions, freezers, electric cookers, microwaves, and fridges is restricted, and can be disposed of by taking them to a registered specialist recycling centre.

Large Batteries

With our skip hire services in Ruislip, large batteries, from a car or any other equipment, are not allowed to be put in a skip due to the presence of harmful chemicals inside, and should be recycled using collection boxes that are easily available at supermarkets. Instead of arranging a local skip hire in Ruislip, you should also take them to a recycling centre.

Gas Cylinders

Empty or full gas cylinders cannot be disposed of by using our local skip hire in Ruislip as residual contents are often still present in them. Options include returning the gas cylinder to where you bought it, allowing them to refill and reuse it.

Medical Waste

Our skip hire in Ruislip cannot be used for medical waste, such as surgical needles or biological waste, as this is hazardous for any skip company. Specialist disposal with licensed medical waste disposal companies around the country are necessary, not a skip hire in Ruislip.


Asbestos is a highly hazardous material which can cause cancer and other diseases, meaning you cannot use our skip hire in Ruislip to dispose of it. Government rules and regulations about disposal mean you have to hire an asbestos removal contractor, not a local skip company in Ruislip, with costs dependent on how much there is and where it is from in a building.


A skip hire in Ruislip is not the option for disposing of old tyres, so you should contact a Tyre Recovery Organisation to help you find a tyre collector in Ruislip, who may recycle it to produce different kinds of things such as rubber floors for playgrounds and gyms, plant pots, and many other things. Again, a cheap skip hire in Ruislip is not an option for tyres.

Fuel, Solvents, and Paints

These materials contain dangerous chemicals, and no skip hire company in Ruislip will handle hazardous waste. These materials are also combustible and can cause severe chemical burns, so you must take these materials to a licensed disposal centre via your local council information. Our skip hire service in Ruislip does allow dried paint in skips, as it doesn’t pose any risk