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B&K Skip Hire Harrow

Seeking skip hire in Harrow? Struggling to find affordable skip-hire prices for your enterprise? Unsure about your waste disposal needs? B&K is here to help. Our all-inclusive skip-hire services in Harrow are perfect for businesses and individual households alike.

Addressing a wide range of waste materials and equipment, offering skip sizes from 8 to 16 yards, and handling waste management and recycling, we are a top waste removal service in Harrow.

With nearly two decades in the industry, serving Harrow and the broader London area, our team is ready to manage your rubbish, be it regular or heavy waste. Contact us today for a fast and efficient service, including same/next day services. Our Harrow skip hire services offer a balance of quality service and affordability.

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B&K Commercial And Domestic Rubbish Collection Harrow

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Serving Businesses and Households: B&K Rubbish Collection Harrow

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At B&K, our skip hire services cater to both commercial and domestic needs:

One-off rubbish collection: Doing home renovations? Need waste removal after an office move? Whatever your skip hire requirements, our team is prepared to handle it efficiently.

Long-term waste management: Regulatory challenges around waste disposal giving you headaches? Searching for reliable periodic waste removal? With the best prices in town, B&K is your answer.

Flexible waste disposal: With B&K, you choose the how, when, and where of waste disposal, be it landfill or recycling. Whether it is businesses with strict requirements or households with specific needs, our flexibility allows us to meet their needs.

Our commitment to quality, affordability, and reliability makes B&K the first choice for waste removal in Harrow and Greater London.

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What Types of Waste Do We Handle at B&K Harrow Skip Hire?

Electrical Equipment and Appliances

As the demand for modern electrical items rises, so do concerns about their disposal, especially as many modern electrical equipment and appliances contain materials that are hazardous. This sadly makes them unfit for regular skip-hire services as they need to be disposed of in specialized plants.

Large Batteries

Large batteries not only contain potentially harmful chemicals but not handling them with care is risky. Only specialized waste management services can handle these, as they need to be disposed of or recycled carefully at designated plants.

Gas Cylinders

Given their potential risk, especially if mishandled, gas cylinders are simply not suitable for disposal through skip-hire services. Here at B&K, we've chosen to exclude gas cylinder services to prioritize safety.

Medical Waste

Medical waste, even when deemed non-hazardous waste, requires precise disposal methods and specific permits to prevent potential health threats. While B&K can manage most of this waste type, we advise special care for sharp objects and contaminated waste, which fall outside our services.


Due to the severe health risks associated with asbestos and the strict government regulations, B&K has chosen to steer clear of handling large amounts of asbestos, which poses health risks to our workers.


With the potential environmental impact of improperly disposed tyres, it's crucial to handle them correctly. Recognizing the specialized nature of tyre disposal, B&K does not currently offer this service.

Fuel, Solvents, and Paints

The disposal of volatile materials like fuels and solvents necessitates utmost care. Given their handling requirements, we sadly do not cater to the disposal of these materials. If you're unsure if the materials you want to get rid of fall under this or any other category, you should get in touch with us directly. We'll happily discuss the details of the project with you and present you with the options.

B&K Harrow Skip Hire Services:
A Guide To Local Skip Sizes


Ideal for residential or small-scale commercial waste, our 8-yard skip offers an efficient and cost-effective solution. Whether you're clearing out a room, garden, or undergoing minor renovations, this skip provides the right capacity to handle such projects without overstretching your budget.


For those larger tasks that don't quite require the biggest skips but are beyond the scope of the smaller ones, our 12-yard skip is the perfect fit. Its spacious design makes it suitable for sizable clear-outs, office relocations, or mid-sized construction projects. With its competitive pricing, it offers value without compromising on space.


When dealing with substantial amounts of waste, such as major home renovations, construction site refuse, or large-scale commercial clean-ups, our 16-yard skip stands out. For considerable amounts of building waste, our 16-yard skip is the best. Designed to accommodate vast volumes of waste, it ensures that even your most extensive projects won't run out of disposal space. Its robust build guarantees a hassle-free waste management experience.

Duration & Collection - Cheap Harrow Skip Hire Guide

Besides just collecting rubbish, B&K offers a comprehensive skip hire service in Harrow tailored to your unique needs. Uncertain about skip sizes or duration? Just let us know, and our expert team will guide you, ensuring you get the right skip size for your project.

Dealing with skip hire in Harrow can involve permits and paperwork. With B&K, we handle all necessary permits, ensuring legal compliance. Whether you require short-term hire or extended rental or are unsure about the skip sizes, we'll help. Our dedication and our commitment to client satisfaction make us as a top-tier skip hire service in Harrow.

If you're looking for cheap skip-hire prices in Harrow or need an efficient service for rubbish collection, B&K stands out. Choose us for an unmatched combination of professionalism, affordability, and efficiency.

About Harrow

Situated approximately 10 miles from central London, Harrow is a distinguished town in Northwest London. Home to over 80,000 residents, this steadily expanding area is renowned for its historic Harrow School, lush parks, and cultural diversity.

With a rich tapestry of history, Harrow seamlessly blends the old with the new, featuring both historical landmarks and modern establishments. Whether you're part of the thriving businesses here or a resident, for top-notch rubbish collection and skip-hire services in Harrow, B&K is an unbeatable choice!