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We offer three skip sizes: small (8), medium (12) and large (16) 

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Small (8) - approx. 80 skip bags, loads up to 8t                                                                            

small skip size                  

Best to use for:
- loading heavy waste (for instance soil, Hard core) 

- for house construction  
- for garden projects 


Medium (12) - approx. 120 skip bags, loads up to 6t                                                                    

medium skip size         

Best to use for:
- clearing area around a project from waste

- mixed, general waste
- small construction projects


Large (16) - load up to 6t                                                                                                               

large skip size

Best to use for:
- clearing areas such as for instance garage

- clearing garden waste (leaves, branches, bush)
- reconstruction (wooden boards)

Two vehicles, tipper vans (cage lorries)

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Small cage (3.5)                                                                                                  
small cage van         Ideal for loading in house cleaning and small construction projects, usually at the end of the project, load up to 1.5t
                                           Large cage (7.5)                                                                                                                                                                     
large cage     Ideal for loading in house reconstructions, removal of redundant furniture,
mattresses or kitchen cabinet replacement,load up to 5t.  

Two large containers Roll On Roll Off

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                                      20YD – load up to 15t 
20YD Skip    ideal for large construction projects which can be loaded with hard core or soil                           
                                    40YD – load up to 15t 
40YD skip size ideal for large construction projects