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Access to your property is a crucial element when delivering a skip or container to the place where it is needed.  Therefore, when hiring a skip or container you need to take the following into consideration.

1. Parked vehicles

Parked vehicles may be a serious problem when delivering or collecting skips and containers.  For instance, when delivering or collecting near to schools it is necessary to take the delivery time into consideration.  If vehicles regularly park opposite your property or your street is not particularly wide, you will need to speak to your neighbours and block the space so that the delivery or collection can take place.

2. Height restriction barriers

If there are any height or width restrictions on the route to your property, please inform us when ordering a service so that we can avoid delays when carrying out the delivery or collection.

3. Is your property accessible through a gate?

If yes, please inform us and make arrangements so that we can access the property at the stated time to enable the delivery or collection to be made.

4. Low hanging obstructions (trees and cables, for instance telephone cables)

Low hanging obstructions such as trees or cables can be dangerous, cause damage to our vehicles, injure our drivers and members of the public or cause a loss of service.

Please remember to inform us before any delivery or collection to your property where there are any low-hanging obstructions. Remember that when delivering or collecting containers, the total height of the vehicle becomes much greater because the loader must extend as it loads or unloads. 

Also, if there are trees, bushes or some other decorative elements such as hedges and dwarf trees on your property, please provide guidelines as to the exact location where the skip or container is required to avoid damage.

5. Driveways, manholes and sewage systems

If you share your driveway with a neighbour, in order to avoid any inconvenience, please inform your neighbour at the earliest convenience that you are having a skip or container delivered or collected.

If you cannot locate the skip or container on your driveway or elsewhere on your property because you do not have space, skips can be located on a public street in front of your house.  However, to do this a permit is required. For further information concerning permits, please check this link or visit our application.

When a skip or container is delivered, please make sure the driver is advised of any manholes, entries into the sewage system or access to meters so as not to block access.

Additional information: our vehicles with a full skip weighs up to 18t. If you think your driveway may not stand up to such weight without damage, please consider leaving the skip on the street (Permits)

Please read our Terms.  We do not bear responsibility for damages to your property where the correct information has not been provided.