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B&K Skip Hire London
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Arranging a local skip hire London placed is a great way of responsibly disposing of all waste, whether it's from construction and demolition or a home DIY project. With our skip services London, we sort all materials brought in at our dedicated plants, separating recyclables and using the residual waste to provide renewable energy.

Whether you’re a company seeking to hire skip services London or require large skips for construction waste, we are a local skip company London placed that has a fleet capable of taking care of your needs, including the requisite documents to satisfy professional demands.

For those who need, for example, an 8yd skip London that will be placed on the road, you may need to obtain a skip hire permit, where different rules apply in various boroughs. As an experienced skip company in London, we are on hand to get the permit you need for any cheap skip hire across London. With local skip hire sites across London, a leading skip hire company in the region. Our family run business is a skip company that London customers can trust to deliver skips that suit individual requirements.

big 8yd skip London ready to load

What You Should Put in a Skip Hire London

Whether throwing out old furniture or disposing waste from garden clean ups, a local skip hire London can be an affordable, easy solution to remove the rubbish from your property. With many cheap skip hire companies in London, with 8yd skip hire and other options, you can get a delivery to your location for as long as you need it. When you are done, your skip company London will take it to a landfill to empty the contents.

A builders skip can be used for disposing many things, but things such as bottles, tins, paper and plastic can all be put in your recycling bins. As a reputable skip company in London, we tell customers to avoid filling up your skip with items which could be disposed of elsewhere, in a more environmentally-friendly fashion.

Some facts about Local Skip Hire London
Items you cannot put in a skip

Electrical Equipment and Appliances

When it comes to your local skip hire London placed, electrical equipment and appliances including computers, dishwashers, televisions, freezers, electric cookers, microwaves, and fridges are restricted. Waste electrical items can be disposed of by taking them to a registered WEEE recycling centre.

Large Batteries

Large batteries, whether from a car or any other equipment, are not allowed to be put in a skip due to the harmful chemicals inside, and should be recycled using collection boxes that are easily available at supermarkets. Rather than arranging a local skip hire London, you should also take them to a recycling centre.

Gas Cylinders

No matter whether a gas cylinder is empty or full, you cannot use a local skip hire in London for disposing these as residual contents are often present in them. However, you have several options at your disposal for this purpose. You can return the gas cylinder back to where you bought it from, as they can refill and reuse it.

Medical Waste

Medical waste ranges from surgical needles to biological waste can be hazardous for any skip company London. That is why it requires specialist disposal, and cannot be put in any local skip you hire in London. You can easily find several licensed medical waste disposal companies around the country.


Asbestos is a highly hazardous material which can cause cancer and other diseases. You cannot recycle or reuse materials containing asbestos, and no local skip hire London will allow you to do this as they adhere to government rules and regulations about disposal. To properly remove asbestos from your property, you will have to hire an asbestos removal contractor, not a local skip company in London. There are several factors that can affect the total cost of removal, such as the type and amount of asbestos.


Disposing tyres requires a lot of work, which is why youd local skip hire company London won’t allow customers to put them in their skip. You can ask your tyre changer or fitter to dispose of it, or contact the Tyre Recovery Organisation to help you find a tyre collector, who may recycle it to produce different kinds of things such as rubber floors for playgrounds and gyms, plant pots, and many other things. Again, a cheap skip hire in London is not an option for this.

Fuel, Solvents, and Paints

All of these materials contain dangerous chemicals, and no skip company in London will offer skip services to handle this hazardous waste. Such materials are combustible and can cause severe chemical burns, so you must take these materials to a licensed disposal centre via your local council information. However, skip services London do allow dried paint in skips, as it doesn’t pose any risk.

B&K Best Prices for Skip Hire London

When it comes to getting a cheap skip hire London, on-site waste removal is something that can cost more than it needs to if you don’t do it efficiently. As a trusted skip company in London, we take pride in offering cost effective, cheap skip hire London customers who efficient and well priced waste removal service

To get the best quotes and to compare cheap skip hire prices in London, call our trained waste management consultants today.

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Why you Should Choose our Builders Skip Company London

When it comes to choosing your skip company in London, it matters who you go with. A local skip hire London is integral to many worksites, from construction to commercial business premises or domestic projects. As a trusted and experienced skip company in London, we appreciate how important the prompt delivery and collection of a skip is.

Our experience as a skip company London ensures that we understand all compliance issues that are vital for any responsible business, allowing us to provide the paperwork you require when we take your waste away.

For homeowners, domestic we are the skip hire company London that will make your job seamless and stress free, helping you avoid multiple trips to your local authority site, keeping your car clean and providing a convenient, reliable way to dispose of waste.

Whether it’s a builders skip for a London project, or any of our skip services in London, contact us, we’re here to answer all your skip hire questions. Our local skip hire team in London will discuss our options to help meet your individual requirements for skip hire London. Put simply, we are the skip hire company to call, and the name to trust.

B&K - 8yd, 12yd & 16yd Skip Services London
A guide to Local Skip Hire London Sizes


When it comes to a local skip hire in London and the UK, 8 yard skip is the most popular, as it lends itself to use in a wide range of commercial, industrial, and domestic scenarios. Perfect for bulky waste, as well as heavy waste such as builder’s rubble, soil, or concrete, an 8 yard skip for London customers is great for clearing out an entire house or during major renovation work. Getting an 8yd skip London for your disposal needs allows you to accommodate approximately 60-80 bin bags, depending on the type of waste you are disposing of, the 8 yard skip offers London customers optimum value and convenience, whatever project you’re working on.


Using a 12 yard skip London for disposal and removals work is ideal for larger jobs such as full office or house clearances and commercial projects. Getting a 12 yard skip from your local ski company in London allows you to hold approximately 120 bin liners of waste. For large amounts of high volume waste, such as metal, wood, plastics, and packaging waste, 12 yard skips in London are popular with shop fitters and on building and construction sites.


Another popular maxi skip is the 16 yard skip used across London. As a local skip company London we know that this option is popular to commercial clients for disposing of great amounts of construction waste. Using a 16yd skip for our London project is convenient for getting rid of heavy materials and bulky items, as they are extremely large, and hold up to 170 black bin bags of waste.

How high can I load a skip?

Skips from local skip hire London companies have lines painted upon their interiors to indicate how high they can be filled with waste. There is also information in the “Level Loads Only“ section of the terms and conditions from each local skip hire London, giving the exact maximum height to which the skip can be filled. If you overfill a skip to a level above the recommended line, the skip company London hire can refuse to take the skip away or ask you to remove your waste until the skip is filled to the correct height. Overloaded skips can be extremely dangerous. When the skip is taken away, waste material could fall out, causing waste to be spread all over roads and pavements and more seriously, causing serious injuries to people in the vicinity or damage to nearby houses, walls and other objects that it may fall upon.

loading level of skip

The difference between Domestic Skips
and Commercial Skips Hire in London Area

Commercial Skip Hire London

From busy sites needing ongoing commercial local skip hire London, or any of our skip services London for disposal services we are proud to provide a simple one-off collection to relieve you of your commercial waste.

Whatever the size of your company, regardless of whether you need a 12,yd, 8yd, or 16yd skip London, we offer reliable, cheap skip hire and skip services in London to companies of all sizes, even offer a same-day service to many parts of the city.

As a trusted and reputable skip company London, we pride ourselves on superior customer service. Choosing us for your local skip hire in London, you are guranteed to get your skip delivered on time. Our experienced team is confident that we can meet all the needs for your skip services in London, taking care of all your commercial skip hire needs in London at a price customers appreciate.

Domestic Skip Hire London

For cheap skip hire in London, residents of London who are organising a property renovation or simply having a big spring clean are able to take advantage of our cost effective skip hire services across London. If you’re looking for a local skip hire company London, and want a cheap skip hire for your London removal project, B & K Environmental Services is the company to call. We offer several skips for hire, including 8yd, 12 yd, and 16yd skips for London customers, all ideal for locating outside your property and suitable for the disposal of a range of different waste materials.

From general refuse to old kitchen and bathroom fittings, our smaller, cheap skip for hire in London are perfect for household projects.

Whether you need a large roll on roll off skip for commercial use, or a cheap skip hire London for your domestic proiect, we are the skip company London to trust, and we are the team to call.

Duration & Collection - Cheap Skip Hire London – How long can I hire a skip for and when is it collected?

When it comes to local skip hire in London, prices usually cover a two week hire with a flexible collection date. For a cheap skip hire London service, the choice for the customer is either a specific pick up time or a later collection time based on what you actually need. As an experienced skip company serving London customers, we will generally collect within a couple of days of your specific request, so customers should make sure that date is acceptable.

For customers that require an 8 yard skip hire or cheap skip hire in London for longer than a two week period, arranging that with the skip company you use in London should be done before it is finalized.

Some local cheap skip hire firms in London will add an extra cost for extended use, others will do some additional time with no added price as leaving the skip with you does not cost the skip company London anything else. With any cheap skip hire service you use in London, make sure the skip location is allowed to include any extra time, and that it is permitted to be left and used there in the first place.

Affordable Local Skip Hire - Cheap Skip Hire London

When it comes to cheap skip hire London placed, people don’t always know it is so affordable which is why they don’t always do it. At B&K Environmental Services we offer some of the cheapest skips in London, allowing our customers to enjoy quality services at a price they can appreciate, with all quotes fixed and upfront.

As a trusted and reliable skip company London, we are used to overseeing domestic or industrial projects, with cheap skip hire options for London clients whatever size they need to get the job done and the waste removed.

When you need an 8yd skip hire London, we will get you a quote quickly, and our local skip hire team in London will be on hand to assist you from start to finish. With our cheap skip hire, you can do your project at a time that suits you and at a cost that fits your budget

At B&K Environmental Services we are committed to offering the cheapest skip hire in London, allowing all our customers to save time and money and do things on their schedule. To work with a skip company in London that gets you what you need, when you want it, and at a price you will like, contact us today.

waste thrown into the container by the machine by skip company London

Make the Most out of your Local Skip Hire London

When it comes to cheap skip hire in London, when the quotes are in, and you skip company is chosen, it’s time to get things done. To ensure that you don’t waste time or money, using your local skip hire London means getting the most out of what you have in terms of skip space.

As an experienced and established skip company London, we know that many people in the UK use skips inefficiently, not using all the space available, wasting both space and money. For the best value out of a cheap skip hire London, there are a few things we would advise to make sure the process is cost and time efficient:

Break up items if you need to

When you secure a cheap skip hire London, make sure that any heavy or large items are broken into pieces, (items such as furniture, boxes, or anything unusually shaped). This ensures that the room is used efficiently.

Heavy Items First

When you get a local skip hire for your London waste disposal, discard heavy items first, allowing flat items to create space for piling things neatly. Any good skip company London would advise items such as tables, boards, etc. to go in first.

Always Place a Skip on Your Property

As a responsible skip company in London, we always advise our customers to place our skips on their own property. Whether it’s waste material or other discards, ensuring you don’t miss anything when you get your cheap skip hire at your London premises. Whenever you get a local skip hire London for your waste disposal project, take these things into account.

Local Skip Hire London: How many types of skip are available?

When it comes to local skip hire London, the size of the skip you hire really does matter. At B&K Environment Services Ltd, we have a range of cheap skip hire options for our London customers.  As skips typically come in five sizes, estimating the amount of rubbish you want to dispose of will ensure that you arrange the most appropriate and practical skip hire, especially as waste management companies can often help you with a free estimate to assist this process.

Mini Skips

For cheap skip hire options in London, this is the smallest, and is  perfect for domestic and commercial users with 2 and 3-yard capacity options available.


Perhaps the most widely used of our skip hire options in London, the midi is not too small and not too large, making these skips ideal for small to medium-sized jobs. This kind of cheap skip hire London comes in 4 and 5-yard sizes, allowing these skips to be placed in the driveway, removing the need for a skip permit and the associated cost.


This is our local skip hire London option that you will commonly see on building sites and it comes in 6 or 8-yard capacities making it ideal for most home improvement projects.


A king size option for cheap skip hire London, this kind of skip comes in different sizes, starting from 10 yards all the way to 18 yards, making it ideal for commercial use and in larger residential communities.

Roll-on Roll-off

When it comes to cheap skip hire London, this is the largest size available, boasting a capacity from 20 to 40-yard, making the skip ideal for industrial clients. The space required is also significantly larger.

cheap skip hire London

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