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B&K Skip Hire Gerrards Cross Services

Need your waste sorted out? Looking for comprehensive waste removal services? Can't find a reliable skip hire company in Gerrards Cross? With B&K, say goodbye to your waste disposal problems. From A to Z: Our team will take care of it. From sorting the rubbish to loading it and getting rid of it, we will get it done.

But our comprehensive services aren't the only thing setting us apart: our competitive prices, skip-hire rentals, and our long-term commitment to our clients make our skip-hire services unmatched in Gerrards Cross.

And that's not all. We also offer rental services allowing clients to rent from 3 different skip sizes. Whether you want an 8-yard, 12-yard, or 16-yard skip, you merely need to get in touch. From permits to relocation, we'll make sure the skips are in your hands ASAP.

8yd skip Gerrards Cross during loading on the truck

B&K Commercial And Domestic Rubbish Collection Gerrards Cross

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Commercial and Domestic: B&K's Gerrards Cross Skip Hire Services

local skip hire car Gerrards Cross during departure from the company seat

Whether you own a residential building, a commercial property, or an industrial plant, we'll take care of your waste management needs at B&K. With customer satisfaction at the core of our business, we ensure every aspect of our service is impeccable.

Our skip hire prices, our expertise, our coverage that includes Gerrards Cross and many other towns and boroughs in and around London, and our speed: Are all top-class. You don't need to stress, you don't need to worry your waste isn't properly sorted and taken care of, you don't need to worry the removal service won't arrive on time: When we commit to a job, we see it through!

Looking to Engage in B&K's Efficient Service? Some Types of Waste Are Offlimits

Electrical Equipment and Appliances

Many types of appliances and electric devices need to be sorted and recycled - they can't be gotten rid of through skip-hire services. If you have a lot of electronic waste, you should give us a call beforehand to make sure to get the details cleared up and ensure we can take on the job.

Large Batteries

Batteries operate through chemical reactions, which are extremely dangerous, especially in large batteries. if they are not carefully handled, they can explode, which is why skip-hire services can't be used to dispose of them.

Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders, even if empty, still present a potential risk, and not only are there regulations regarding how to handle it, but here at B&K, to ensure our team's safety, we don't handle gas cylinders as part of our skip hire services.

Medical Waste

Medical waste can be infected with viruses or germs, and as such, they are risky to handle, especially by a skip hire service. Usually, you need specialized services to handle large quantities of medical waste to ensure it is not only safely transported but also safely gotten rid of in a way that doesn't allow for diseases to spread.


Asbestos, despite being regularly used in building materials decades ago, is a highly toxic material that can permanently damage the body if a person is in prolonged contact with it. That's why we don't handle asbestos here at B&K.


Tyres are made from rubber, and they are not biodegradable. This has forced governments to institute strict policies regarding how tyres are handled. Instead of a skip hire service, tyres need to be taken to special plants from where they'll either be reused or recycled.

Fuel, Solvents, and Paints

Whether it is paints or solvents, there is a long list of dangerous chemicals that are simply not suitable for a skip-hire company to handle. In these instances, it is important to make sure they are properly sorted out of the waste and disposed of appropriately. If you're not sure if we handle a material or not, feel free to give us a call and we'll happily discuss the details.

Skip Sizes: B&K's Skip Hire Gerrards Cross


8-yard skips have a capacity of up to 80 bin bags of waste, and they are suitable for both domestic and commercial uses. If you need a permanent location to dispose of waste in, and you want it to take relatively little space, be affordable, and be practical, you should give this skip size a chance.


Hitting the middle ground between our 8-yard and 16-yard skips, the 12-yard skip has qualities from both. Indeed, it doesn't hold as many bin bags of waste as our 16-yard skip, but it also takes relatively less space as well. Some clients don't need to go all out with 16-yard skips, and this is a skip size specifically tailored for them.


The biggest skip size we offer, you won't ever be hurting for space with our 16-yard skips. Suitable for commercial and industrial partners, they make an excellent waste disposal solution. And in the rare cases they fill up, you can contact our ace skip hire service to come dispose of the waste quickly and effortlessly. Waste management has never been easier.

Rental and Collection Skip Hire Service in Gerrards Cross

Due to our commitment to flexibility and quality, not only do we lend skips, but we also deliver them to the client's designated location: The client has control over the when and the where, and they can choose among three different skip sizes. 

Additionally, if a skip permit is needed, we also take care of all the procedures and make sure our client has a skip permit. 

Regardless of what the skip hire requirements are for your project, when you contact B&K, you can be certain we'll go above and beyond to take care of it.

About Gerrards Cross

Located in Buckinghamshire and 19 miles away from the centre of London City, this relatively remote English town has seen growth in recent decades. With a population of more than 8,000, the town still retains a cosy feeling to it while being home to some of the hottest properties outside of London. 

Due to its excellent location, its unparalleled access to public transportation, and its excellent infrastructure, the town is considered the ideal commuter town for people looking to escape the bustle of the city. 

Whether it is for domestic or commercial purposes, if you are looking for Gerrards Cross skip hire services, you should give us a call. Here at B&K, we serve clients in Gerrards Cross and the wider Buckinghamshire area at large. And whether it is container rental or waste management, our team will be there ASAP.