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B&K Skip Hire Bushey

Cost-effective, reliable, quick, professional, comprehensive, and flexible: These are just some of the adjectives used to describe our waste disposal and skip hire services here at B&K.

If you've had trouble finding competent skip hire in Bushey and are looking for a company with a "get-it-done" attitude that can take care of your waste disposal needs? You've come to the right place.

Not only do we serve the entire Bushey area including Bushey Heath but we've also successfully extended our services to Hertfordshire and the entirety of Greater London. Whenever and wherever you need waste management or skip hire, you just need to give us a call!

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B&K Commercial And Domestic Rubbish Collection Bushey

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B&K Offers: Excellent Skip Hire in Bushey

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An unparalleled skip hire service: At B&K, we make sure every aspect of our waste disposal and skip hire services is flawless. Whether you are looking for quick waste disposal in your local area or you are after long-term commercial waste management, you'll find B&K services to be more than adequate.

Thanks to our customer-satisfaction-centered philosophy, each one of our skip hire services is tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Not only do we offer some of the best prices in Bushey and London, but we also offer flexibility, professionalism, and much more.

If you've had trouble finding a competent service that can truly meet your requirements and take care of waste management competently, your search is over. You just need to give us a call here at B&K. Our team will take care of the rest whether it is a skip hire permit, regular waste management, or more.

Skip Hire Services: What You Need to Know

Electrical Equipment and Appliances

Electrical equipment, in general, and appliances, specifically, need to be sorted and recycled at specialised plants and can't be disposed of in landfills. That's why skip hire services often don't handle these types of equipment. If you need to dispose of large quantities of electric equipment, calling recycling services is a better idea.

Large Batteries

Batteries, like many other items that work through chemical reactions, are volatile, dangerous, and need to be handled with care. You can't dispose of large batteries through waste removal services are they are simply not made for these types of items. Both the government and the private sector offer drop-off points for large batteries, and that's the best way to get rid of them.

Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders, be they empty or full, can't be get rid of through skip hire services. Due to their highly dangerous nature, gas cylinders can only be handed off to specific plants that either refill or recycle them following proper procedures. Mixing them with other types of waste is a recipe for disaster.

Medical Waste

Though some medical waste is safe to be disposed of through skip hire Bushey services, most aren't. Medical waste can carry viruses, germs, and diseases, and only teams with proper equipment taking appropriate safety precautions can deal with it. If you are not sure whether our skip hire service covers medical waste or not, you should get in touch with details of your project. We'll get back to you ASAP.


Asbestos is a highly toxic chemical that was previously used in building construction but has been almost entirely phased out now due to its dangerous nature. Here at B&K, we don't handle asbestos in high quantities out of concern for the safety of our team.


Tyres are made from a number of different types of rubber all of which have one thing in common: They have a big environmental impact. This isn't limited to CO2 emissions, alone, either, but the tyres themselves don't degrade naturally in the environment. This is why governments around the world, including the UK, have instituted specific ways to get rid of tyres, and they can't be handled by skip hire in Bushey.

Fuel, Solvents, and Paints

Dangerous materials and elements like fuel, solvents, and paints aren't made to be disposed of through skip hire. Other services, specialised in handling chemicals, fuels, and paint, need to be engaged for these materials.

B&K Skip Size Guide


Looking for compact, space-conservative skips for domestic and light commercial use? You'll love B&K's 8-yard skips. With a capacity of 60 to 80 bin bags, this skip is excellent for those looking to manage their waste at affordable costs.


Thanks to their capacity of up to 120 bin bags, 12-yard skips are perfectly suitable and adequate for commercial and light industrial use. These skips can be installed anywhere, and they'll provide adequate waste storage space for most clients.


For those who don't find the 12-yard skips adequate, you'll love our 16-yard skips. One of the biggest skip sizes, it'll surely be more than enough for any and all of your waste space needs. Just give us a call and not only will our team help you receive the necessary skip permit, but they'll come install them as well!

Bushey and Bushey Heath Skip Hire by B&K

Skip hire services that properly serve Bushey and Bushey Heath are rare, rarer still are the ones that offer a number of different skip sizes, help with skip permits, deliver the skips, and provide exemplary services: These are what you are getting with B&K.

The best Bushey Heath skip hire provider, B&K offers cost-competitive, flexible rental terms and excellent long-term support afterwards. We provide bespoke terms to all domestic, commercial, and industrial clients in a way that suits their needs best.

If you're looking for waste disposal, skip rentals, or skip hire in Bushey, you should give us a call here at B&K.

About Bushey

A town in Hertsmere borough, it lies about 16 miles away from the centre of London. Its relatively remote location has made it an attractive place for industry, and today, it is home to a number of industrial parks.

Despite still retaining the feel of a small town, the town has seen a meteoric rise in population in recent decades. Going from a population of just 856 in the wake of the 19th century to a population of just under 24,000 now, a more than 20-fold increase. With this increase has, naturally, come an increase in both residential and commercial activity, and this has made our skip hire in Bushey services popular!

If you're interested in a skip-hire service, be sure to get in touch!