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B&K Skip Hire Acton

Are you looking for rubbish collection companies in Acton? Can't find an affordable skip-hire service for your business? Unsure how to go about waste disposal? B&K can help. Our comprehensive skip-hire services are excellent for both businesses and households.

Taking care of all types of materials and equipment from tyres to gas cylinders, offering 8 to 16-yard skips, and offering waste management and recycling, we are one of the best waste removal services in Acton.

With almost two decades of experience providing waste disposal services to clients in Acton and the entirety of London, our team is ready to help you get rid of your rubbish whether it is normal waste, hazardous waste or heavy waste. Contact us now for an affordable and reliable service! We can provide same/next day service.

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B&K Commercial And Domestic Rubbish Collection Acton

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Serving Businesses and Households: B&K Rubbish Collection Acton

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At B&K, we offer a range of flexible services that both businesses and households will find attractive:

One-off rubbish collection: Looking for a quick rubbish removal job after home renovations? Looking for a reliable service to remove waste from your office after relocation? Whatever the case may be, our team will handle the task, and it will handle it quickly and professionally.

Long-term waste management: Are you managing a business looking for reliable waste management? Are the ever-increasing rules and regulations around waste disposal giving you a headache? Having trouble finding a service that can reliably dispose of all types of materials? B&K has the answer to all three problems. We form long-term partnerships with businesses looking to reliably dispose of their waste periodically.

Flexible waste disposal: whether you want your waste disposed of in a landfill or recycled, B&K can get the job done. Our flexible services mean you control when, how, and where the waste is disposed of. This is excellent for both businesses that have specific legal requirements and households that require specific services.

These are just a few of the reasons why we are the waste removal service of choice for businesses and households in Action and the Greater London area at large.

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What Types of Waste Do We Handle at B&K Skip Hire Acton?

Electrical Equipment and Appliances

Appliances and electrical equipment require care when handling and special attention when disposed of. Our team has the tools, experience, and know-how to handle your electrical waste appropriately.

Large Batteries

Not only are batteries dangerous, but there are specific regulations and laws you need to follow if you want to dispose of them. When you hire B&K, not only do you get an adept removal team that can properly handle large batteries, but we'll also make sure they're disposed of safely and legally. We handle everything.

Gas Cylinders

Disposing of gas cylinders is not only difficult, but they can even result in explosions if not handled with care. As the safety of our clients and our staff is our utmost priority, our services don't include handling gas cylinders.

Medical Waste

There are two types of medical waste: hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste. At B&K, we can safely transport and dispose of non-hazardous medical waste, but sadly, hazardous waste such as needles and biological waste is out of the scope of our work. If you are not sure whether your case will apply or not, you can give us a call, and we'll discuss the details of your project.


Sadly, due to its toxic properties, government regulations dictate the use of specific asbestos removal contractors if you want to get rid of the material, as such regular skip hire in acton services such as ours aren't legally authorized to handle it.


Though we offer a comprehensive skip service here at B&K, handling tyres is outside the purview of our operations. Tyres usually require specialized removal teams that can follow strict regulations and reuse and recycle the equipment adequately. We don't offer the service currently.

Fuel, Solvents, and Paints

Combustible and chemically reactive materials aren't handled by skip-hire services. They're dangerous, can't be lumped in with other waste, and require specialised removal techniques. Though we hire heavy waste and regular waste, fuel, solvents, and paints need specialized companies to properly handle them.

B&K Skip Hire Ruislip Services: A Guide To Local Skip Hire Acton Sizes


Want quick and efficient skip hire and waste removal at affordable prices? Our 8-yard skip size is an excellent choice. It is the smallest skip size we offer, and it is suitable for routine rubbish removal, clean-ups, and more.


Our mid-sized 12-yard skips strike an excellent balance between space and affordability. If 8-yard skip sizes are too small for your project, our 12-yard skips will be more than capable of handling the job. They'll transport sizable waste to recycling centres or landfills efficiently.


The largest of the skip sizes we offer, our 16-yard skips can handle all kinds of waste, regardless of size. Whether it is cleaning up after home renovations or industrial waste, you'll never have to worry whether the waste will fit with the 16-yard skip size.

Duration & Collection - Cheap Skip Hire Acton Guide

We don't only offer rubbish collection and waste management for both commercial and domestic clients, we also offer skip rental services as well. If you want to place a skip on the premises for a prolonged period of time, you just need to give us a call. We offer an excellent range of skip sizes, and we'll offer and install one suitable for your project in a matter of days.

Not only do we take care of the skip hire permit (which is required by law) and all the necessary paperwork, but we also allow our clients to increase the rental period, choose the skip size, and much more. This makes us one of the best skip-hire Acton services you can find.

So, whether you're looking for an Acton skip hire or you are looking for a competent and professional rubbish collection team, B&K is the right choice. Get in touch now and experience our speedy, professional, and affordable services!

About Acton

Around 6 miles from the centre of London, Acton is one the largest and most prominent towns located in the West of the Greater London area. With a population of more than 60,000, it is a fast-growing primarily-residential area famous for its schools, housing estates, and churches.

Acton is more than meets the eye, however, as its excellent and bustling light industry forms the backbone of many businesses and industries in the Greater London area.

Whether you're among the ranks of the excellent businesses working here or you own a housing estate, if you need rubbish collection and skip hire services, B&K is a perfect choice!