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Skip Hire in Hayes: B&K's Services

Whether it is construction work, regular business operations, or home renovations, Hayes residents regularly need professional and reliable skip-hire services. Sadly, due to its distance from Central London, many companies refuse to properly serve the community.

B&K is different. We offer the best skip-hire services to Hayes residents. Affordable, reliable, extensive, and flexible: Whether you want waste management or skip hire, you can rely on us to get the job done.


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Affordable Skip Hire in Hayes: Learn Why We Are the #1 Choice

local skip hire car in Hayes

Our Hayes skip hire services are popular among both homeowners and businesspeople, and this is due to the exceptional lengths we've gone to to make sure we offer something truly special. If you're looking for skip hire in Hayes, you won't find a better service than B&K.

  • Flexible services: We offer a range of skip sizes, flexible renewal terms, comprehensive waste management services, and much more. Regardless of the amount of waste or the manner in which you want it handled, you can rely on our professional team to get the job done.
  • Skip hire permit: Are you looking to hire large 12-yard skips? Want it delivered to you? Don't have space for it and want to put it on public land? From delivery to a local council permit, you can rely on B&K to handle everything. Our clients just need to get in touch, and we'll take it from there.
  • Instant quote: Wondering how much your removal will cost? Need speedy, same/next-day service? Reliable, fast, and efficient services are what we are known for here at B&K. With us, you don't need to worry about inadequate, late, and inefficient waste management services. From an instant quote to instant service, we'll do it, and we'll do it quickly.
  • Competitive prices: We offer the best skip hire price in not just Hayes but the greater London area as well. If you feel apprehensive about how much waste removal services cost in London and are looking for cheap skip hire, you should contact us. Our prices will surprise you.

If you like the sound of our services, you should get in touch! We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

B&K Hayes Services: Materials Not Suitable for Skip Hire

Electrical Equipment and Appliances

Though a skip hire service can take care of and remove many types of waste, sensitive electrical equipment and appliances aren't included. This is because they include many sensitive and environmentally harmful parts that need to be recycled at specialised plants.

Large Batteries

It is no secret that large batteries can be quite dangerous, and this also holds true for their removal and transportation as well. Without specialised equipment, large batteries aren't safe to remove and transport. This is why Skip hire Hayes services aren't suitable when dealing with them.

Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders are not safe to handle, whether empty or not. During waste removal, they need to be handled separately and moved to specialised plants that can handle, sort, refill and recycle them.

Medical Waste

Medical waste presents health hazards, and skip hire in Hayes can't handle them by law. If you need to get rid of large amounts of medical waste, you need to contact services that are equipped to handle contaminated materials.


Though once common, many of asbestos's uses have been banned due to the health risks the material presents, especially in large amounts. That's why at B&K, we don't handle tasks that include the handling of asbestos in large quantities.


Tyres can be very environmentally harmful if not disposed of correctly, and that's why there are several laws and regulations carefully detailing the means through which they should be disposed of. This is why it is not suitable for removal through skip hire in Hayes.

Fuel, Solvents, and Paints

Paints, solvents, and fuel items are all considered to be dangerous to varying degrees, and if removed alongside other items through a Hayes skip hire service, they might cause issues to both our employees and environmental damage. That's why we have a policy against handling these items.

Guide to Skip Sizes Offered by Our Skip Hire in Hayes Service

8 Yard Skip

Though it is the smallest skip size we offer, our 8-yard skips still offer ample space to store waste. Whether it is small home renovations, commercial work, or any other need, if you need an affordable and compact skip to store your waste, you won't go wrong with our 8-yard skips.

12 Yard Skip

Striking the middle ground, our 12-yard skips are flexible while providing ample space for waste. They fit in most locations, can handle various waste sizes, and won't fill anytime soon. If you are looking for cheap skips without compromising reliability and space, you'll love our 12-yard skips.

16 Yard Skip

If you want to go all out, if you want to never hurt for space, and if you want a skip that can handle any type of waste, you need to check out our 16-yard skips. Twice the size of our 8-yard skips and offering twice the space, they are perfect for larger construction projects, commercial work, and business needs. And if you need a skip hire permit to put it on public land, we'll help you with the paperwork.

Comprehensive Hayes Skip Hire Services with B&K

Choice, affordability, and professionalism: These are the qualities our Hayes skip hire services embody at B&K. Regardless of the skip size you're looking for, the rental terms you need, or the drop-off location you want, B&K can get it done.

We offer several skip sizes with flexible terms starting at two weeks. We help deliver and install the skips anywhere in Hayes. Whether you want help with skip permits or extensions on the rental terms, our team will work with you to make sure everything is right.

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About Hayes

Known for its industrial tradition and bustling economy, Hayes is a town situated 13 miles from Central London. Home to Heathrow Airport, the town has seen a population boom in recent decades due to its favourable location, its strong economy, and its great infrastructure. Home to several conservation areas, benefiting from a range of beautiful landmarks, and home to many businesses, there is a lot to love about Hayes. 

If you are looking for Hayes skip-hire services, B&K offers comprehensive, reliable, and professional waste management services to every corner of Hayes. Get in touch now! 

FAQ Skip Hire in Hayes

The price for hiring a skip in Hayes depends on the size of the skip and the rental duration. B&K Ltd offers a range of skip sizes suitable for various needs, including 8yd, 12yd, and 16yd options from £312 to £468. To get the most accurate pricing, contact B&K Ltd directly or see the price list.
Skip hire usually covers a period of a few days to two weeks with flexible collection scheduling. Should you require the skip for a longer period, it's best to discuss this with the skip hire company in advance, because it might charge extra for extended hire periods.
Skips are great for disposing of a variety of waste types, including household, garden, and construction waste. It's important to check with the skip hire company for a complete list of acceptable and non-acceptable items.
Skip hire offers several advantages:
  • Ease of Use: Skips provide a convenient way to dispose of large quantities of waste, ideal for projects like home renovations or garden clean-ups.
  • Time Efficiency: Using a skip can save you time and effort compared to making multiple trips to a waste disposal site.
  • Eco-Friendly Approach: Reputable skip hire companies often sort and recycle a large portion of the waste, contributing to sustainable waste management.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Skips can be more economical for large projects compared to other waste disposal methods.

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