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B&K Skip Hire Chiswick

With years of experience, a team of professionals, and cutting-edge equipment, B&K provides the best skip hire and waste management service in Chiswick. Proper waste disposal in a matter of hours, a large selection of skip rental options, and much more: these have made B&K the top choice in the community.

Looking to get rid of construction waste? Heavy waste? Domestic waste? Industrial waste? Regardless of the size and complexity of the task, B&K will make sure to get the job done and do it well. From loading the waste to unloading it, we'll take care of everything.

Additionally, we also offer skip rentals at B&K. It is very simple: Choose the skip size you want, decide on the rental period most suitable for you, and that's it. We'll fill out the paperwork, get a skip hire permit (if necessary), transport the skip to the agreed-upon location, and more. Skip hire in Chiswick has never been this easy, and it is all thanks to our flexible, efficient services!

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B&K Commercial And Domestic Rubbish Collection Chiswick

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Chiswick Skips: What B&K Has to Offer?

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When you tap B&K for our waste management services, you can rest assured you've chosen the best skip-hire service in Chiswick.

Reliability: Regardless of the size of the waste, its location, and its weight, when we take on a job, you can rely on us to see it through. Give B&K a call and rest assured your waste will be properly taken care of.

Flexibility: Do you want waste management services ASAP? Only large 16-yard skips will handle the waste? Do you want us to arrive at a specific time? We give our clients the flexibility to engage with our services the way they want. The waste will be collected however and whenever our client demands it

Affordability: Not only do we offer a reliable and flexible service, but we also do it affordably. If you are worried waste management services will cost an arm and a leg, you can set that aside with us. Thanks to our affordable, transparent pricing policy, you'll know exactly how much our skip-hire services will cost without any hidden fees or charges. We offer the best skip-hire prices in Chiswick!

For Chiswick: Chiswick is one of the key areas we service here at B&K, and we're committed to ensuring every nook and cranny of the district is properly serviced. Whether it is an enterprise, factory or residential building, when they engage our services, they can expect the best!

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What Types of Waste Skip Hire Services Can't Handle? A B&K Guide

Electrical Equipment and Appliances

Generally, electrical appliances are not sorted with regular waste. They are removed differently and handled differently, as they're more recyclable. So, a skip hire service might not be able to remove some kinds of appliances. If this concerns you, give us a call and let's discuss your needs.

Large Batteries

How batteries are handled, transported, and recycled is all heavily regulated. This is not only due to the potential environmental harm that can result from not handling batteries correctly, but it is also due to dangers associated with long batteries. These reasons are why skip-hire services are generally not equipped to handle batteries.

Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders, even if empty, are risky to handle and aren't suitable for disposal through skip-hire services. This is why the government has introduced specific regulations regarding how they can be handled, and there are specialized plants that can accept and process gas cylinders.

Medical Waste

Though most medical waste is innocuous and can be easily dispatched through skip-hire services, some are risky to handle, might potentially spread diseases, and require special care. The latter requires specialised services designed specifically with medical waste in mind.


Asbestos, on its own, is a very dangerous and potentially poisonous material, which skip-hire services aren't designed to handle. Though B&K's waste management services provide a substantial number of options to potential clients, handling asbestos isn't one of them, sadly.


Tyres are made from synthetic rubber, which is a material whose production and disposal have one of the largest impacts on the environment proportionally. Britain has both local and national regulations regarding how tyres need to be handled, and that's why specialized plants often take in tyres.

Fuel, Solvents, and Paints

Fuel, solvents and paints are just a few examples of dangerous materials that can't be disposed of through regular waste disposal services. In these cases, it is important to make sure you account for everything and check how each item can be handled. By contacting us, our team here at B&K will help you learn the exact materials our skip-hire services take care of. It is fast and simple, so give us a call!

Skip Hire Chiswick Size Guide


Looking to rent skips? Why not take a gander at our excellent, practical, and affordable 8-yard skips? One of the most popular skip sizes, 8-yard skips are suitable for events, domestic use, and much more. If you've been looking for a skip hire in Chiswick, this is your chance!


Medium-sized, the 12-yard skips strike a great balance between size and practicality. Whether it is for commercial, industrial, or domestic purposes, you can't go wrong with our 12-yard skips.


Want a skip that can handle heavy waste? A skip that will never have you hurting for space? A skip suitable for almost all commercial and business operations? Our 16-yard skips will do the job. An excellent local skip hire, with the 16-yard volume, you'll say goodbye to your waste problems.

B&K's Chiswick Skip Hire Service

Here at B&K, we also offer comprehensive skip rental services. If you want to rent a skip in Chiswick or any other area in London, you just need to get in touch and we'll take care of the rest.

From transportation to helping the client get a skip permit (if required), our team will get it done. The only thing you need to worry about is designating a space for the skip, everything else is on us.

About Chiswick

Growing out of an ancient parish, today Chiswick is one of the most important districts of West London. In a meander of the river Thames, the district not only offers luxury riverside properties but is also home to many fishing, rowing, and watersports competitions.

Though Chiswick is a primarily commercial district home to restaurants, offices, and malls, in recent decades, many prominent companies established offices there, including IBM. All help to give Chiswick a strong and adaptable economy.