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Professional Waste Management Company Offering Skip Hire in Northwood

Looking for a company that can properly take care of your waste disposal? Having trouble finding a long-term partner to manage your waste? Want to hire skips and stop running out of space to store your waste? 

Our waste management company, B&K, does it all and much more. We offer the best skip hire services across all of London, including Northwood. Whether it comes to professionalism, timeliness, or prices, you won't find a better skip-hire service! Get in touch now! 


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B&K Commercial And Domestic Rubbish Collection Northwood

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What B&K Offers to Northwood Residents

local skip hire car in Northwood

Whether you are a homeowner or a business based in Northwood in need of skip-hire services, you'll love what B&K has to offer. Affordable skip hire, waste disposal, waste management, and much more: We offer comprehensive A-to-Z services regarding everything waste-related. 

Looking for a specific skip size? Want a skip-hire permit? Need same-day delivery? Want your waste collected as fast as possible? Having trouble finding a reliable service you can depend on in the long term? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you'll be happy to learn that B&K has the answer. 

We offer multiple skip sizes, we help our clients get local permits, we deliver the skips whenever and wherever you want, our professional team is exceptional at collecting waste, and we offer same-day service. So, get in touch and enjoy our cheap skip hire in Northwood today!

Materials Skip Hire Services Don't Handle

Electrical Equipment and Appliances

Electrical equipment doesn't jibe well with skip hire. They can be dangerous and some have specific laws and regulations surrounding how they need to be disposed of and recycled. This is why, instead of skip hire, you need specialised plants to get rid of certain appliances.

Large Batteries

Large batteries, even if depleted, can be extremely dangerous. The acid inside will not only harm equipment and materials, but if not treated carefully can cause explosions and harm humans as well. This is why it is not suitable for removal through skip hire.

Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders are usually one of the most dangerous items in a household. They need to be treated with care. A lot of movement and sudden impact can and will cause them to explode. That's why the government has very specific laws regarding how they are disposed of or refilled, and they can't be handled through skip-hire services.

Medical Waste

Medical waste is usually considered hazardous waste due to bacteria, viruses, and other harmful chemicals and microbes that can spread sickness and disease. If large quantities of medical waste need to be disposed of, you need to take specific precautions that make it impossible to transport it through Northwood skip hire services.


Asbestos has been considered a dangerous material for some time now, and in large quantities, it can present a serious health risk. This is why, if you are dealing with large quantities of asbestos, whether it is in industry or construction, you need to be very careful, and its removal is not possible through skip-hire.


Tyres are probably some of the most environmentally damaging products out there. Both their production and their removal produce large amounts of waste. This is why the government has issued very specific regulations to promote the recycling and the reuse of tyres. This is why it isn't suitable for removal through skip hire in Northwood.

Fuel, Solvents, and Paints

Whether it is fuel, solvents, or paint, there are a considerable number of chemicals and materials that just don't lend themselves to removal through skip hire. It is understandable if this is confusing. We are committed to serving our clients in the best way possible. So, if you have a waste removal project and aren't sure about the specifics, you can get in touch and we'll tell you everything you need to know regarding the feasibility of the project.

Skip Hire in Northwood: Guide to Skip Sizes at B&K

8 Yard Skip

if you want a compact skip that can fit anywhere, one that's still sizable enough to contain a meaningful amount of waste, suitable for small construction works and light commercial jobs, you'll love our 8-yard skips. Thanks to our fast delivery, you can get the skip today. So, if it sounds ideal for your needs, get in touch now and let's deliver the skip to the location of your choosing.

12 Yard Skip

Our mid-range, the 12-yard skip is incredibly versatile. Do you want to place it on your own property? Do you want it to hold a large amount of waste? Both are possible with this mid-sized skip. It is excellent for those who appreciate versatility but want a sizable skip because they don't want to worry about running out of space.

16 Yard Skip

The 16-yard skip is excellent for those who want to go all out and get a large skip that will basically not run out of space. Do you have a large construction project? A massive commercial enterprise? You don't want to worry, ever, about where to store the waste. Our 16-yard skips are the answer. At B&K, you also help get a skip-hire permit so you can place it on public land if you don't have space on your own property.

Skip Hire in Northwood: What Makes B&K Stand Out? 

When you talk about skip hire in Northwood, B&K is always one of the most preeminent names, and this is due to the exceptional service we provide. Here are all the ways our skip hire Northwood is special.

  • Great prices: Whether it is the 8 or 16-yard skip, when you hire from us, you can expect unparalleled prices.
  • Same-day service: Do you have urgent waste removal needs? Want a professional team to be there for you on time? Reliability is paramount. You don't need to look further than B&K. Our reliable service includes same-day service, reliable customer support, flexible contracts, and much more. 
  • Flexibility: We are not just flexible by offering multiple skip sizes, but we also offer extensions on rental terms and the ability to deliver the skips to wherever you want. If you want your waste removal done on your own terms, choose B&K. 

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About Northwood

Located 14 miles north-west of Charing Cross, Northwood is a famous borough that stands out for its 20th-century houses, iconic scenery, and serene environment. This picturesque borough doesn't just provide domicile either, it is home to a bustling commercial space with many successful companies operating out of Northwood. 

If you are looking for a skip hire in Northwood, nobody does it better than B&K. Get in touch now and let's help dispose of your waste.

FAQ Skip Hire in Northwood

The cost of hiring a skip in Northwood varies based on the skip size and the duration of the hire. B&K Ltd provides a variety of skip sizes, including 8yd, 12yd, and 16yd skips ranging from £288 to £468, to cater to different waste disposal needs. For precise pricing, it's best to contact B&K Ltd directly or check the price list.
The standard duration for skip hire is approx. a few days to two weeks, with a flexible collection date. If you need the skip for a longer period, it’s recommended to arrange this with the skip hire company in advance, as there may be an additional charge.
Skips are versatile for disposing of various types of waste, including domestic clutter, garden waste, and construction debris. It's crucial to consult with your skip hire provider to understand the complete list of acceptable and prohibited items.
Skip hire offers multiple benefits:
  • Convenience: Skips provide an efficient solution for disposing of large volumes of waste, ideal for projects like house refurbishments or garden clear-outs.
  • Time-saving: Using a skip can save considerable time and energy compared to multiple trips to waste disposal sites.
  • Eco-Friendliness: Reputable skip hire companies typically sort and recycle a significant portion of the waste, supporting environmentally responsible waste management.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: For substantial waste removal tasks, hiring a skip can be more economical than other disposal methods, offering a practical approach to managing large-scale waste.

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