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B&K Edgware Skip Hire Services

Want to clear out rubbish from your home? Can't find a reliable waste disposal service in Edgware? Looking to rent skip containers for your premises? Thanks to our comprehensive and professional services here at B&K, you can do all this and much more.

Whether it is industrial waste, construction waste, or small or large amounts of waste, B&K can perform waste collection, disposal, and recycling in a single business day. Our speed and reliability have made us a favourite not just in Edgware but London as a whole.

Beyond rubbish disposal, we also offer skip rentals as well. Not only do we offer a range of different skip sizes, but we also help our clients get the necessary skip permission and properly install it in their desired location. Anything rubbish related? Call B&K.

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B&K Commercial And Domestic Rubbish Collection Edgeware

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Skip Hire in Edgware: What Do We Offer?

local skip hire car Edgeware during departure from the company seat

Offering excellent rubbish removal and skip hire in Edgware, B&K is one of the premier companies in the local area, and both individuals and businesses rely on our one-of-a-kind waste disposal services.

We go above and beyond to make sure our skip hire service is the best in town. Whether you want to judge us on experience, cost, or quality of service, B&K represents the best skip hire Edgware has to offer.

When you rely on our rubbish collection team, you can say goodbye to stress, you can say goodbye to bad rubbish collection jobs, and you can say goodbye to expensive services that don't adequately get the job done. Say hello to reliability, speed, and quality: all at very affordable prices.

Waste Disposal with B&K: Which Materials We Don't Handle?

Electrical Equipment and Appliances

Though it largely depends on the item, many pieces of electrical equipment and appliances need to be processed through specialized recycling plants, and as such, they can't be disposed of through regular skip-hire services. Get in touch with us and let's discuss whether your project is suitable or not.

Large Batteries

Sadly, large batteries aren't included in our rubbish removal services. Batteries are volatile and dangerous, and if not handled with care, might even explode. Furthermore, how they're handled is severely restricted by the government due to environmental concerns. They need to be handled separately from your skip-hire service.

Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders can't be handled by a skip-hire service for much of the same reasons large batteries can't. They're dangerous, they're environmentally harmful, and they run the risk of exploding if not handled separately.

Medical Waste

Our treatment of medical waste is akin to electrical equipment: depending on the type of the item, its risk, and government regulations, we might or might not be able to handle it. If you're interested in a skip-hire service for medical waste removal, give us a call and let's discuss the task!


Asbestos, used in manufacturing and as a byproduct of construction, is a highly dangerous chemical that can cause a variety of issues in large quantities. Sadly, a skip-hire service isn't adequately equipped to handle it. Teams specialised in hazardous chemicals can get the job done.


Skip hire services don't handle tyres as in they can not be disposed of through normal means. Tyre collectors exist whose job is to either reuse or recycle the tyres to minimize waste. Though skip hire in Edgware is worth it, you shouldn't look to the service to handle every kind of waste. Some need specialized treatment.

Fuel, Solvents, and Paints

These are just a number of hazardous/dangerous materials that no skip hire in Edgware will handle. Though our team at B&K is excellent at handling waste, and it does so quickly and efficiently, this is, in part, thanks to our policy of ensuring maximum safety during our work. If you're wondering if a particular material is safe to dispose of or not, you merely need to give us a call. Our team will make all the necessary arrangements.

A Guide to B&K's Skip Size Offers in Edgeware


With a capacity of 80 bin bags of waste, 8-yard skips are the most popular skip size in the UK. This is thanks to their versatility and size. If you're looking to rent a skip that's perfect for most occasions and will get the job done, you won't go wrong with our 8-yard skips.


Suited for residential complexes and commercial areas, the 12-yard skips are perfect for those who want extra space. With a capacity of 120 bin bags of waste, you don't need to worry about this skip filling up any time soon. So, what are you waiting for? get in touch with B&K's skip hire in Edgware and rent one of these ASAP. 


With a capacity of a whopping 160 bin bags of waste, the 16-yard skips are the largest traditional skips around. They're perfect for industrial and commercial businesses, and here at B&K, we'll be happy to provide them at the quantity you want to the location you need. You just need to contact us, and we'll take care of the rest!

B&K Edgware Skip Hire Services Guide

B&K's skip hire Edgware service is comprehensive: this means that not only do we offer the skip sizes we went over above, but we also deliver them, make sure the paperwork is properly filled out, help with skip permits, and much more. If you want to rent a skip in Edgware, there's no better place to go than B&K.

The rental period starts from two weeks and can be adjusted according to our client's needs. Giving our clients flexibility is very important to us, and if your project has specific requirements, you just need to get in touch. We'll likely be able to arrange something.

About Edgware

A town in the utmost Northern reaches of Greater London, it is nine miles away from the centre and has suburban characteristics. Nevertheless, this town of more than 70 thousand has its own bustling commercial centre, becoming one of the main points of interest for shoppers from other nearby towns.

Both commercial enterprises and residential households will love the skip-hire Edgware service we offer. It is professional, it is affordable and it is unmatched in the town. Whether it is skip hire in Edgware or waste management, our team of professionals will make sure you're satisfied.